F12 Kullanımı Engellendi.


The transformation in the layout of living units aims to transcend the traditional housing concept. Instead of the standard residential logic, a fluid transition between indoor and outdoor spaces is provided by connecting open and semi open spaces. This allows villa residents to experience a life in harmony with nature.

The villas, with their front facade facing the scenery, are designed in a slight open V shape, offering both an aesthetic appearance and effectively bringing natural light and air into the interior spaces. The central courtyard is designed as an ideal space for shade and relaxation. Covered with a pergola, it provides a comfortable living room atmosphere in hot climates. The rear section is transformed into an area with foldable glass frames that can be opened and closed, allowing for a refreshing airflow on hot days while reducing the carbon footprint. With all these design approaches, the principle of spending time in open and semi open spaces is integrated into the main living areas of the houses.

The villa forms planned in V shape aim to embrace the sea view and provide natural ventilation. The position of the pool maintains the integrity of the landscape, while each villa adapted to the gently sloping terrain, along with natural landscaping and green areas, offers residents privacy and tranquility. The materials used are carefully selected natural materials sourced from the region, ensuring that the architecture is in harmony with nature.

The Göcek Project, situated in the town of Göcek renowned for its magnificent natural beauty, is being developed as a residential complex. This project not only offers its residents a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle but also embraces an environmentally friendly approach. The social facility plan of the project has been carefully designed to meet the needs of residents for relaxation and recreation.

The social facilities within the residential complex offer various options. Amenities such as swimming pools, stylish restaurants and cafes, fitness centers, children’s play areas, and spas provide residents and visitors with opportunities for enjoyable leisure time. Additionally, meeting rooms and event spaces are also integral parts of the social facility plan, enabling residents to come together, socialize, and participate in activities.

Due to the unique natural landscapes surrounding Göcek, the social facility plan also emphasizes outdoor activities and relaxation areas. Outdoor seating areas, green landscapes, and scenic terraces within the project allow residents to appreciate the beauty of nature.

In this way, the Göcek Project not only provides its residents with luxury housing but also offers a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature and promotes social interaction.

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