F12 Kullanımı Engellendi.


Location and Characteristics: Situated in the Gündoğan region of Bodrum district in Muğla, this project encompasses two distinct parcels. One is allocated for tourism while the other is designated for residential use. The project is positioned on one of the elevated points of an area characterized by its steep and rocky topography, strategically chosen to maximize the breathtaking sea view.

Content: The primary structures in the project consist of villas and touristic buildings. Complementing these are various social amenities, dining areas, and other communal facilities. The residential segment boasts villas and apartments of diverse dimensions. Simultaneously, the tourism section includes a range of accommodation structures available for rent, all designed in compliance with four-star hotel standards.



Terrain Adaptability: The chosen site possesses an unconventional topographic nature. This challenge was transformed into an advantage during the design phase, optimizing the terrain’s natural incline for the placement of residences and communal spaces.




Landscape-Centric Design: The prime goal was to utilize the sea view optimally, allowing residents and visitors to experience the panorama to its fullest.



Innovative Pool and Accommodation Relationship: Within the tourism sector, the challenge of distance from the sea is addressed through a novel relationship between the pool and the accommodation, enhancing the guests’ experiences.



Echoing Nature’s Language: Materials, color palettes, and form choices in the project are inspired by nature. This design approach ensures harmony with the surroundings, providing inhabitants a seamless blend with nature.



Landscaping and Plantation: Creating a natural ambiance within the project relies heavily on landscaping and plantation. This allows inhabitants to fully immerse in a genuine natural living experience.

 Privacy: The land’s gradient is integrated with the concept of privacy, influencing the positioning of residences. This integration aims to safeguard residents’ privacy while maximizing their living space.

Integration with Nature: Pergola systems, shaded gardens, and expansive window fixtures in the residences ensure a continuous flow between the interior and exterior, offering a naturalistic living atmosphere.




Embracing a design approach that adeptly converts the challenges of a demanding topography into an asset, maximizing the sea view, the project resonates with the language of nature. With its selection of natural materials and forms, it harmonizes with its surroundings. The principles of privacy and integration with nature are palpably reflected in the placement of residences and the design of communal spaces. This unique amalgamation promises its residents an immersive experience in nature, offering both luxury and comfort.