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Embracing the Intersection of Art and Design,Impressions from Salone del Mobile                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Salone del Mobile, which aims to showcase Italian furniture and products to the world and become a center of design, opened its doors again in April 2023 after a short pandemic hiatus. In order to closely follow the direction of design, as Koray Yavuzer Architects we decided to form a team and visit the fair.



The fair, held at the Milan fairgrounds, was organized with stands where furniture companies showcased their new products, and it had spilled over to the entire city as part of the design week. We divided our time in Milan to experience the fairgrounds and the spread-out designs throughout the city, and we created our plan accordingly.



The fairgrounds consisted of several halls spread over a vast area. We initially visited the leading Italian furniture and lighting companies that have been pioneers of Italian furniture and have advanced design. Alongside these well-known companies, we also encountered lesser-known but highly innovative firms that presented contemporary and functional solutions with striking and innovative methods. It was important for us to add these firms, which address standard topics through sculptural forms, to our network in order to highlight the distinctiveness of our own company.



The stand designs they created, along with their new furniture collections, were indicative of the future of design. The stand designs at Salone del Mobile are an integral part of the fair’s allure. They captivate visitors, create immersive experiences, and elevate furniture display to an art form. From their aesthetic appeal to their sustainable practices, these stand designs showcase the ever-evolving world of design and offer a tantalizing glimpse into the future. Salone del Mobile stands as a testament to the power of creativity, innovation, and the profound impact that design can have on our lives.



In the furniture collections, designs made with aesthetics and comfort in mind raised the bar in the world of design. Details that excite individuals were abundantly present, combining techniques derived from the past with current technologies in delicate and approachable forms. The concept of furniture was presented not only as armchairs, sofas, tables, chairs etc. but also as an entity that is considered in conjunction with its surroundings and the atmosphere it creates. The showcased items appeared not as mere products, but as atmospheres that desire to be experienced. Elaborate setups were created to preserve the memorable atmospheric experiences, where everything from figurines to plants was meticulously thought out. We had a mesmerizing fair experience where design could be seen, felt, and touched in every corner you turned your head, from the whole to the smallest detail.



As a team, the stand and product designs that left a lasting impression on us in the fairgrounds belonged to the Gessi brand. Under the motto of “Haute culture,” they showcased their jewel-like faucets, each of which could be considered unique in the way it is produced, in a stand that resembled a fashion show. Another product they introduced this year was their series made from real bamboo in Japan, produced through incredible techniques and processes. Furthermore, their innovative approach to combining technology with the needs of kitchen spaces, reshaping the flow of water, was truly a show in itself.
















Throughout the design week, the entire city transformed into the heart of design alongside the fairgrounds. Installations related to the fair unexpectedly emerged in various areas of Milan. The design narratives of the present and future were cleverly integrated into many transformed spaces, such as historical buildings, churches, and factories, fully satisfying your visual and sensory experiences. Contrasting ideas with Milan’s historical texture unconsciously expand your perspectives and broaden your horizons. Companies fully achieve their goals, and while exploring the city, the design of the past and future takes hold of you. Chairs placed in the center of a lush green courtyard in complete contrast with a vibrant red, faucet collections that greet you within mirror cubes acting as portals in reflection pools, sofas inviting you to relax in the shop windows of famous clothing brands…



With the design ideas and instincts that we noticed or unconsciously absorbed, we return to Istanbul. And we ask ourselves, why shouldn’t Istanbul embrace us with design, enlightening and exciting us about the future of design?