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Blending Nature and Urban Living, A Refreshing Approach to Residential Complex Barbaros 48                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Located in a bustling city center, the project is a 10-story residential complex consisting of 48 apartments of various sizes and social areas. It focuses on special and unique design spaces that meet the expectations of users through innovative approaches. The design philosophy embraces a user-centric approach that brings together all types of residents, with a particular emphasis on user comfort in bathroom and kitchen designs.

The rooftop is designed as a space where all users can enjoy the view. Terraces and eaves allow for effective utilization of the scenery, while areas such as a pool, café, and observation terraces are envisioned as enjoyable spaces for users to spend their leisure time. The differences in elevation on this rooftop are arranged with stairs and wide steps, creating areas where users can freely sit and relax. Additionally, a bar area is created, enclosed by closable frames designed to be used even in winter months. As a result, users have a space where they can enjoy the view throughout the year.


The architectural design aims to maximize the experience of the users on the rooftop. Design elements such as terraces positioned at different elevations and reflection pools highlight the allure of the scenery, creating an impressive atmosphere. These spaces invite users to be captivated by the magnificence of the view while providing a relaxing environment.

The basement level houses social areas such as a management office, changing rooms, a children’s playroom, café, fitness center, hammam, sauna, and spa relaxation areas. Glass frames are used to define the boundaries of the interior spaces and provide light permeability to create a sense of a larger area. Additionally, mesh systems are used to provide light transmission and ventilation. The use of mirrors expands narrow spaces, while green plants give the basement level a spacious outdoor perception.



In the design of the entrance and lobby, the form of the building is taken into account, and the arrangement of the interior spaces is made along with the design of the outdoor area behind the lobby. An olive tree and a reflection pool create a natural atmosphere, emphasizing the building’s connection to nature. The massive marble block used in the reception desk reflects the design philosophy of the building’s integration with nature.



In the Barbaros 48 project, a design that breathes is created by incorporating outdoor elements into the interior spaces. Underground enclosed areas, green terraces, and permeable materials are transformed into an outdoor atmosphere. The enclosed volumes, except for storage and technical areas, are converted into spaces where pleasant moments can be spent. The light permeability of the selected materials, the use of plants, and reflection pools create an impressive atmosphere. In this project, the interior spaces aim to be in harmony with nature and provide special areas for escape from the city.

Priority goals include interior spaces that meet users’ expectations, spacious outdoor areas, and designs that harmonize with nature.