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From Family Home to Event Size Suitable Art Gallery Atmosphere : Renovating a Villa with Customized Variable Spaces                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


A villa, which was built approximately 25 years ago and has been lived in for many years, is undergoing a renovation to meet the changing needs of today. The users aim to reevaluate the unused spaces as their children grow up and leave home. While preserving the authenticity of the existing architectural structure, the layout plans have been redesigned. Special emphasis has been placed on creating customized layouts for the users, prioritizing the maximization of the villa’s magnificent views. Additionally, considering the users’ desire for social interaction and organizing activities at home, specially designed spaces have been created, offering personal areas for privacy.

The goal is to revitalize old homes, bringing them together with modern technology and design, and providing a living space that suits the changing needs of the users.



The attic floor has been specifically designed for the parents. The ground floor, on the other hand, has been designed for socialization and hosting guests. This floor, which features multiple points for displaying the users’ art pieces, includes the main kitchen, a spacious seating bar, and a dining area. The seating areas have been directed towards the view, aiming to provide users with a pleasant experience. Furthermore, a television has been concealed with a mirror placed above the fireplace, providing the option to hide it when desired.

In this way, while the attic floor offers a private living space for the parents, the ground floor creates an ideal environment for social interaction and guest entertainment. These floors, with their displays of art pieces and designs tailored to user needs, effectively fulfill different functions of the house.

To allow users to display their artworks throughout the house, wall spaces for paintings and sculpture niches in wall and cladding protrusions were created to ensure symmetry. The house gives the feeling of being in an art gallery.

On the entrance floor of the house, the column located between the entrance hall and the living room has been covered in an organic form to serve as an area for exhibiting sculptures. While the appearance of the column disappears, the sculpture can be seen as one passes through the entire living room and entrance hall. This design has been implemented in a special and patentable manner.



The 2nd basement floor of the Project was previously an area that users did not prefer. However, this issue has been resolved by concealing the climate control systems in the walls instead of the ceiling and adjusting the ceiling height. The oppressive effect of the staircase has been replaced with a lighter steel construction staircase with voids.



This floor includes areas where events can take place, such as a large service table and a service bar, for guests. Additionally, the terrace has been opened up and integrated with the interior space, creating socialization areas. Stairs provide access from this floor’s terrace to the pool level and the garden, allowing guests and staff to reach this floor without entering the main house.



The pool level used to be an area that was not preferred due to its cold and humid environment in previous uses. By completely changing the wall and floor coverings, and utilizing underfloor heating and advanced climate control systems, this area has been made usable. This floor includes a gym, a massage room, a sauna, and a spa. To maintain the ceiling height, air conditioning units have been concealed within the wall coverings, and low beams have been covered with mirrors to create a sense of height. Vertical green plant designs on the walls have been used to integrate the garden into the interior.



By preserving the existing vegetation of the villa’s garden for many years, designs have been made to allow users to spend more time in the garden and pool area. A bar, dining table, and seating areas have been created for organizing events in the garden. The garden caters to a family of four while also providing facilities for larger gatherings. All these areas have been positioned to make the best use of the view. The existing pool design has been maintained, but in addition to the pool, a shallower area for sunbathing in the water and sunbathing areas accessed by decks and marble steps at different levels have been created. This has made the pool more suitable for a larger group of guests.



In line with the users’ needs, previously unused areas have been included in the design. Issues such as heating, humidity, and height have been addressed through new technologies and designs. The garden and terraces have been made usable. Since the dimensions and boundaries of the rooms could not be changed, fluid transitions with organic forms have been created between all spaces, leaving no undefined areas. Privacy areas have been created based on the functions of the floors, and when necessary, the floors can be separated from each other.

We have brought to life a unique villa design that encompasses all these added spaces and their connections, allowing for personalized usage on an individual scale to event scale, it is balanced magnitude for us!