F12 Kullanımı Engellendi.


The project is situated in the Bebek area within the silhouette of Istanbul, at the intersection of narrow streets. The worn-out facade appearance, the situation of the entrance narrowed by the streets, and capturing the grandeur desired by the user in the interior design formed the main criteria of the design.

Innovative Aspects and Activities: The house was planned with the ground floor opening to the garden and pool areas, designed as spaces for family socialization. The main entrance, serving as the central core with stairs and an elevator distributing to other floors, allowed the ground floor to be easily designated for family members. Additionally, the gallery void connecting the entrance and the first floor was limited with design elements to separate family areas, considering guest transitions. The staircase and its enclosure were personalized with MDF and lacquered finishes to be inviting. To emphasize the desired grandeur of the design, a cladding design enhancing the effect of the gallery void was added. The first floor was considered as a hosting area for guests, particularly influenced by the Istanbul Bosphorus view. To accentuate this effect, a panel with the silhouette of old Istanbul was added to the wall facing the window, offering guests a transition experience from old Istanbul to modern Istanbul.

While the upper floor was divided into guest rooms and children’s rooms, a separate area resembling a second residence was planned at the rear volume of the ground floor for auxiliary family members. The attic floor was entirely designed as a parent’s bedroom. By canceling a previously positioned, non-functional bathroom with a view, the space was opened up, and the sleeping area was positioned diagonally towards the middle of the room. The remaining space behind the bed was designed as two bathrooms and a dressing area. With this design approach, maximizing the benefit from the view was prioritized throughout the house.

Due to its location within the Istanbul silhouette and the worn-out painted condition of its facade, the house required renovation including insulation. In this renovation, processed natural materials such as thermowood, natural stone, and anthracite joinery were chosen to make the facade long-lasting and in harmony with its location.

Project Output: By rearranging technical volumes, stair solutions, and various spaces on the garage floor, space was expanded within the garage, preventing potential traffic problems after parking. Technical and mechanical spaces were renewed with new and technological devices, providing more space within the house. Additionally, by relocating some spaces to upper floors, contributing to an increase in volume, and preventing parking on the roadside, the house’s need for parking areas was integrated into its internal space.



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