Koray Yavuzer Mimarlık


The İstanbul based practice Koray Yavuzer mimarlık was founded in 1999 by Koray Yavuzer and Tuba Yavuzer and is renowned for its highly original Works. . Its designs are not only innovative and visually striking, but also highly functional – inspired by both nature and technologies transferred from various industrial domains.

Activities include designing commercial buildings, residences,  interiors, and furniture. practice has also been awarded  for the best İnterios design apartment in international property awards in 2013.

The practice has won several prestigious awards and found recognition in a considerable number of magazines, newspapers and books around the globe.

Our team engage in assisting the production of various scale projects , from early planning phase to construction supervision. The main drive of the practice is design excellence and precision, achieved through close collaboration with clients, designers and specialists – from structural and environmental engineers to cost consultants. Management of cost and time is an important priority to us which has resulted in delivering award winning projects challenged by demanding budgets and schedules

With this structure of perspective  we are not only creating space but also unique story to tell to rest of the world.


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